Michigan Youth Employment Poster Updated

New Hours of Employment Rules on MI Labor Law Poster

Jan. 26, 2012

Michigan has revised its required Youth Employment poster to include new hours that minors 16 and older may work while school is in session.

The poster now issued by the Michigan Department of Education has been revised to state that minors 16 and older who are students may work 24 hours in one week while school is in session. The new rule is the result of a law amended in October 2011.

The previous poster stated that a minor 16 years and older who is a student was allowed to work a combined school and work week of 48 hours during the time school was in session.

In addition, the revised poster includes new information about the Department of Education's policy against discrimination.

New Posters Available

A revised Youth Employment poster is included in a Michigan labor law poster offered by Poster Compliance Center. The poster meets all of the state's labor law posting requirements for general employers.

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