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No Poster Requirement for Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

We want to share the following information with our Massachusetts customers regarding the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which went into effect on April 1, 2018. The Act is an amendment to the Massachusetts discrimination in employment law, enforced by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). The new law prohibits employment discrimination based on pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, including breastfeeding and the need to express breast milk during work hours. Employers

Poster Requirement for NJ Gender Equity Law Effective Nov. 21; New Poster May Be Delayed

A New Jersey gender equity law goes into effect Nov. 21, 2012, but the required labor law poster may not be issued for several months after the effective date. The discrimination poster must go through the regulation process before it is issued by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL). The new gender equity law (A2647) covers employers with 50 or more employees and also requires distribution

No New Poster Requirement for New York Wage Theft Law

Q:  Will New York have a mandatory poster change called the new Wage Theft Protection Act go into effect 4-12-11?  A:  The New York Wage Theft Prevention Act was signed into law by Gov. Patterson Dec. 13, 2010, and goes into effect April 12, 2011.  The Act does not include a labor law poster requirement but it does require certain notifications such as: annual written pay notices for employees, and

No Labor Law Poster Requirement for New Florida Law

Q:  Is HB 7069 in Florida a mandatory labor law change? A:  Florida HB 7069 went into effect August 1.  It increases background screening requirements for individuals with access to vulnerable persons such as children, seniors and the disabled. At this time there are no Florida labor law poster requirements for the new law, but we will continue to monitor the state requirements for any future changes. If you need

Kansas Adds New Requirement For ‘No Smoking’ Labor Law Poster

A “No Smoking” poster is the latest requirement for the Kansas labor law poster.  It is a result of the new Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act which goes into effect on July 1. The Indoor Clean Air Act bans smoking in public places, including all workplaces, restaurants and bars and within 10 feet of business entrances and air intakes. Covered businesses must also post a “no smoking” sign by July

Expanded Notification Requirements Included in Revised Washington Labor Law Poster

A revised mandatory Washington labor law poster, Job Safety and Health Protection, includes a new requirement that employer report any fatality, probable fatality or incident that results in one or more workers being hospitalized. That report must be made to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health within eight hours of any fatality or incident that results in an employee being hospitalized. The previous

Where Do I Hang the Compliance Posters?

Why do I have to post labor law posters? This is a popular question regarding labor law posting requirements. The simple answer is: Because you’re mandated by law to post them. This applies to all businesses with employees on payroll, unless the employee is your spouse. How can I find out which posters need to be displayed in my workplace? You can learn which posters are required for your business

New Penalty Amounts on Virginia’s Safety & Health Notice

Roughly a year ago, we reported that Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) had released an update to the Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) law, based on federal OSHA penalty requirements. Businesses in Virginia should be aware that the state has updated the penalties once again, and the Job Safety & Health Protection notice, which must be posted by all Virginia employers, has a new date of August 2018.

Michigan Updates Two Labor Law Notices—New Poster Required

Due to updates to the Michigan Unemployment Compensation and Youth Employment workplace notices, our customers in the Great Lakes State will need a new state poster. What’s Changing for Unemployment Compensation? The changes to the Unemployment Compensation notice, which has a revision date of 5/18, include an update to the process for filing claims on the Internet and all-new information for filing claims by telephone. Filing Unemployment Claims Via the

Two New Laws for New York City—New Poster Coming Soon

Due to the recent passage of two New York City laws—the Temporary Schedule Change Law and the Stop Sexual Harassment Act—our NYC poster is getting quite a makeover! Keep reading to find out employer requirements and employee benefits related to these laws. Temporary Schedule Change Law The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs has released a notice for the Temporary Schedule Change Law, which has an effective date of July