A New Family and Parental Paid Leave Law Passes in DC

On December 21, 2016, the DC Council passed the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act, a new law that will be funded by payroll tax deductions. While the law does not take effect for a while, the new poster is on our radar.

When Will Payroll Deductions and Benefits Begin?

The first payroll taxes won’t be deducted from employees’ wages until 2019, and the first payment of benefits won’t occur until 2020.

What Can DC Employees Expect When the New Law Takes Effect?

The law provides up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave—during a 52-week period—to care for a newborn or an adopted child. Plus, both parents are eligible to take parental leave.

In addition, the law provides up to 6 weeks of paid family leave—during a 52-week period—to care for a seriously ill parent, grandparent, or other family member.

Last but not least, employees may take up to 2 weeks of personal paid medical leave.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for more details about the new law and when the poster will be available.