Alabama Changes Child Labor Laws and Updates Poster

Child labor laws have been getting lots of attention all across the country, and Alabama is no exception.    

The 2009 Alabama Child Labor Reform Act was signed into law by Governor Bob Riley in May.    

New regulations went into effect on August 4, and the 2009 version of the Alabama Child Labor Law poster is now required.  

The most significant change in the law is a transfer of the permit process from the public schools to the Alabama Department of Labor.   Last year more than 50,000 work permits were issued to minors by the schools.    

In place of work permits, which used to be required for each minor, employers must obtain an Employment Certificate from the Department of Labor in order to employ minors and renew them annually.  

Alabama child labor laws have drastically changed since the first laws passed in 1883 because of abuses in coal mines and textile mills.   Today most teenage workers are protected by hourly restrictions in place during the school year.  Teens under 16 cannot work past 7 p.m. when school is in session. Those under 19 cannot work past 10 p.m. on school nights if in school.  

“Child labor standards are a serious matter,” said Alabama Department of Labor Commissioner Jim Bennett.  “Unfortunately, some businesses put teenagers at risk in direct conflict with labor law which has been on the books for years.

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