Alabama’s Child Labor Law Poster

Young Youth Worker

Alabama’s Department of Labor has added new language to the Alabama Child Labor Law Poster that incorporates both state and federal requirements for employers hiring youths in the state.

The mandatory  employment poster titled “Youth Rules!” has been rewritten in a question and answer format that includes “What Jobs Can I Do?” and “When Can I Work?” sections.

The Alabama labor law poster provides answers to these questions for specific age groups based on both state and federal laws. The stricter laws regarding youth employment are shown in italics on the poster.

Included in the child labor laws poster are new employment restrictions for children 13 or younger and new information on work hours for minors 16 years and older. Sections regarding jobs on-premises serving alcoholic beverages and inspections by the Department of Labor have also been removed.


In addition, contact information for the federal Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has been added to the employment poster.