Alaska Changes Unemployment Law and Updates Labor Law Poster

Unemployment insurance benefits not only provide economic assistance to workers but also a stabilizing influence on local economies.   In the state of Alaska, unemployment insurance is particularly important since much of the state’s employment is seasonal and because of Alaska’s size and remoteness, according to the Alaska Division of Employment Security.  

Unemployment insurance premiums in Alaska are paid by both employers and employees, although employers pay a much higher percentage.   The percentage paid by employers has recently been reduced from 80% to 73% and that paid by employees has increased from 20% to 27%.    

This change is reflected in a new Alaska unemployment insurance poster issued by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  This change does affect the Alaska labor law poster.

Alaska provides or administers several different types of unemployment benefits, including Regular UI, Interstate Claim for Benefits, Extended Benefits, Unemployment Compensation for Federal Civilian Employees, Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Military Personnel and Disaster Unemployment Assistance.  

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