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In case you hadn’t already heard, we’ve crafted the ideal solution to ensure you don’t need to worry about poster compliance anymore. We understand that you’re busy running a business, so we’ve made it our business to keep your compliance posters up-to-date.  The solution is called 1-Year Compliance Plan, and if you sign up now you’ll receive tremendous savings with our New Year discount.

There have been over 20 states with mandatory labor law poster changes in 2019 so far, including California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Washington. Our 1-Year Compliance Plan  1-Year Compliance Plan includes all your required federal and state posters, plus 12 months of mandatory updates. Usually $79.95, the plan is now $62.95 for a limited time. In celebration of ringing in 2019, you”™ll be saving a total of $17 on your subscription.


Want to know more?

The 1-Year Compliance Plan 1-Year Compliance Plan includes:

  • Current mandatory federal and state posting requirements
  • Live customer service””no automated greeting
  • Informative letter regarding additional state and federal posting requirements that must be obtained from specific agencies
  • Free mandatory poster updates for one year
  • $41,000 Poster Violation Warranty

With features like live customer service and a Poster Violation Warranty, 1-Year Compliance Plan provides a compliance guarantee like no other. Our subscription plan also provides security and peace-of-mind so that you can focus on your business operations.

There is no such thing as a “one and done” compliance poster. Navigating the ever-changing labor law requirements can be a tedious task for any employer. So we introduced a 1 Year Compliance Plan to become more than just a poster vendor. Our customers are our partners and it’s our mission to provide year-round compliance with no hassles and no hidden charges.


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