Attention, Connecticut Employers — New Pregnancy Discrimination Notice Just Released

Based on the passage of An Act Concerning Pregnant Women in the Workplace (the Act), Connecticut just released its Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodation in the Workplace notice, which must be posted by all employers with 3 or more employees.

The Act expands protections for pregnant employees and applicants under Connecticut’s Fair Employment Practices Act (CFEPA). While it is not mentioned on the notice, these protections will go into effect on October 1, 2017.

What Employers Need to Know

Discrimination Prohibitions

Under the Act, an employer may not discriminate against an employee or applicant due to her pregnancy, childbirth, or other related conditions, including lactation in the workplace.

Prohibited discriminatory conduct may include:

Employers should note that employees do not have to be employed for a minimum length of time prior to being granted a job-protected leave of absence under the law.

Reasonable Accommodations

The Act states that employers must provide reasonable accommodations related to pregnancy, childbirth, or lactation. These may include the following:

In certain instances, an employer may be able to deny an accommodation that might cause an undue hardship. However, the employer must demonstrate that the accommodation would result in significant difficulty or expense for the employer’s business.

Notice Requirements

Employers should be aware that in addition to the posting requirement, a copy of the Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodation in the Workplace notice must be given to:

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