Everything You Need to Know About Nevada Labor Law Posters

Nevada, the desert with the best nightlife, is equally lively when it comes to the mandatory state and federal labor law posters. Nevada is a busy state, which means, if you plan to take care of the labor law posters on your own, you may find yourself busy as well. If you’re responsible for the Nevada labor law posters, here’s what you may want to know:

Nevada Labor Law Posters in a Nutshell

There are 17 required notices on the Nevada state and federal labor law posters. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 11 required notices on the Nevada state labor law poster
  • 6 required notices on the federal labor law poster

Considering the sheer number of posting requirements for Nevada, it’s no wonder there are multiple mandatory changes to the labor law posters each year. So far, in 2015 we’ve seen the following mandatory changes:

  • The 2015 Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin
  • The 2015 Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin

In 2014, changes to the Nevada state labor law poster occurred within the following notices:

  • The discrimination section; a new category for genetic changes was added as well as expansions to the “age” category
  • The 2014 Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin
  • The 2014 Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin

You may have noticed multiple “Bulletin” updates to the labor law posters. These changes happen almost every year for Nevada. This is Nevada’s unique way of posting the minimum wage notices on the Nevada state labor law posters.

Did you know Nevada released a change to the OSHA poster in 2015?

Yes, it happened. In May 2015, Nevada announced changes to the contact information on the Nevada OSHA poster. It turns out that this is not a mandatory change and the Nevada OSHA poster is not required to be updated. If you’re being contacted by anyone claiming you must update this poster, rest assured, it is not a required change. Feel free to check out our Nevada labor law poster page to see what the latest mandatory changes are.

Nevada in the Future

We are tracking a possible minimum wage change to the state of Nevada. If the change becomes official, the minimum wage will increase to $9 per hour, and you will be required to update the minimum wage section of the Nevada labor law poster. As we speak, the bill is waiting to be voted on in the Senate.

Please feel free to check our website for the most recent updates. You can keep track of the minimum wage for each state on our minimum wage poster page. This may come in especially handy if your business is located in multiple states. If you really want to sit back and relax about upcoming changes to the labor law posters, you can sign up to receive email notifications when there have been mandatory changes to the Nevada labor law posters (or any other state for that matter).

How to Stay in Compliance with the Nevada Labor Posters

With all the changes in 2015 to the Nevada labor law posters, along with the uncertainty of how many mandatory labor law poster updates will occur over the next year, many businesses are looking for a worry free poster compliance experience.

Investing in a labor law poster service is the most popular method for staying up to date with the most recent changes. A labor law poster service will send you the mandatory changes automatically and (usually) for free. It’s beneficial to find a reliable compliance company that specializes in labor law posters so you can ensure you’re in good hands.

Check out Poster Compliance Center’s labor law poster service. The updates are free and each plan is backed by a $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty. Let us take the “labor” out of labor law posters. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask us a question or post a comment. We can’t wait to hear what you think! You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.