Florida Makes Significant Change to the Discrimination Notice

Florida recently changed its discrimination law by adding language to specify that discrimination based on pregnancy is specifically prohibited. Now, the state has released a new version of its discrimination labor law poster to reflect this recent change to the law.

Mandatory Change to the Poster

Since the FL discrimination poster has never had a revision date, it becomes important to focus on what has changed about the new labor law poster.  Most importantly, “pregnancy” is now listed as a protected category. Secondly, the Florida Commission on Human Rights has an updated address that is now reflected on the poster.

The Florida discrimination poster serves as a perfect example as to why it is essential to have Poster Compliance Center on your compliance team. It was never announced that there would be an update to the discrimination notice, but we knew that there would likely be a change because we carefully tracked the update to the law at the state level. Additionally, since this notice does not have a revision date, we have to look over the poster carefully on a regular basis to see if anything has changed in order to verify that our customers have the most current information. We do this work so that you don’t have to!

More Changes on the Horizon

It is important to point out that Florida will have an increase to their minimum wage at the beginning of next year. Since this change is expected, it would be very wise to purchase a OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan for any of your Florida locations so that you can have a year of free updates. This poster service makes compliance a breeze because you can sit back and know that your posters are being managed by experts.