Specialty Notices – Free Labor Law Posters for 2019


Did you know that your labor law posting requirements could go beyond posting an all-in-one state and federal labor law poster? Depending on location, industry, and/or number of employees—employers  may also be required to display specialty labor law posters.  Our Free Labor Law Posters page provides specialty notices that may be required by your state or industry, and they’re always up-to-date for 2019.  

Some examples are the Federal Contractor Poster, for federal contractors/sub-contractors—or the HIPAA Privacy Notice, for those in the healthcare industry. An increasing number of municipalities are requiring employers to display city/county labor law posters. Businesses in states such as California and New York are required to display supplemental wage orders and industry-specific minimum wage posters.

Some states and localities may have their own business posting requirements regarding subjects such as smoking, drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and more.  Other states have posters that are recommended, but not required. Keeping up with the nuances of labor law posting requirements just became a bit more complicated, haven’t they?

Poster Compliance Center recognizes the frustration that can come with posting requirements. To ease some of the burden, we now offer free specialty labor law posters, available for you to download, print, and post at your convenience.

We currently offer the following specialty labor law posters free of charge:


California Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders

Wage Orders for California provide information on the wages, working hours, and working conditions that must be adhered to in certain industries. You are required to display an IWC Wage Order if your business falls into one of the categories below:

  1. Manufacturing industry
  2. Personal Services Industry
  3. Canning, freezing, and preserving industry
  4. Professional, technical, clerical, mechanical, and similar occupations
  5. Public housekeeping industry
  6. Laundry, linen supply, dry cleaning, and dyeing industry
  7. Mercantile industry
  8. Industries handling products after harvest
  9. Transportation industry
  10. Amusement and recreation industry
  11. Broadcasting industry
  12. Motion picture industry
  13. Industries preparing agricultural products for market, on the farm
  14. Agricultural occupations
  15. Household occupation
  16. Certain on-site occupations in the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries
  17. Miscellaneous employees

We provide California IWC Wage Orders for all of the above industries for free in downloadable and printable formats.


Free California Labor Law Posters

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Montana Minimum Wage Poster

Montana has not issued a version of their minimum wage poster that is required. However, displaying the current minimum wage poster is recommended so that employees can be made aware of their wage and hour rights. We offer this optional notice as a free specialty poster that you can download, print, and post.


Free Montana Labor Law Posters

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New York Minimum Wage Posters for Specific Industries

New York requires certain industries to display specialty minimum wage posters in addition to the minimum wage poster that is required for general employees. We provide New York specialty minimum wage posters in a free, downloadable and printable format.

  • New York Apparel Industry  Minimum Wage Poster
  • New York Building Service Industry Minimum Wage Poster
  • New York Farm Industry Minimum Wage Poster
  • New York Hospitality Industry Minimum Wage Poster


Free New York Labor Law Posters

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Need Other Specialty Labor Law Posters?  

If you have other specialty labor law posters in mind that you”™d like us to provide, or if you have any questions about the free labor law posters we offer, feel free to contact us.

If you are unsure about your specific posting obligations, contact the Department of Labor to determine which notices you must display for your employees. You may also choose to seek legal advice or counsel for assistance in this area.

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