Friday Feature – FAQ About Labor Law Posters

Q: I am a small business owner and have only one employee… Am I required to post compliance posters?

A: Yes, if you pay payroll tax for even one employee, you are required to post state and federal compliance posters. . To check out your state requirements, please begin by selecting your state.


Q: Our employees work in multiple buildings on our company campus and do not report to a central location… Do I have to post the  labor posters in every building?

A: Yes. The employer is responsible to post the required  compliance posters in a location accessible to all employees even if the buildings are in the same general location or at the same address.


Q: I keep getting alerts about mandatory changes to the labor posters… Do I have to update more than once than a year?

A: It depends. You are required to maintain current labor posters as long as you retain employees and you are only required to update mandatory changes when they occur.  Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • You are not required to update your labor posters every January (Some states issue changes less frequently than once per year.)
  • You are required to update these compliance posters whenever there is a mandatory change .(On the other hand, some states issues changes multiple times per year.)
  • Sometimes, the state or federal agencies will update the compliance posters with recommended changes and these do not require an update.

The best way to keep track of what you really need to post is to sign up for free email alert notification of mandatory changes to the labor posters. We will email you when there is a mandatory federal or state change that affects your company. You can have your cake and eat it too – stay in compliance with required changes but don’t update when it’s not necessary.


Q: I don’t know when I last updated… How do I know if my compliance posters are in compliance?

A: That’s a great question! Look for the date on the labor posters and check our Labor Law Updates page for the month and year of the newest changes.

Don’t forget! You need to check the dates for both your state and federal labor posters.


Too much work? Don’t worry!   Contact us at 800-322-3636 and we’ll be happy to help you check your compliance posters.