Go Green in 2019: Choose Eco-Friendly Compliance Posters for Your Labor Law Posting Requirements

Over the last few years, the importance of doing whatever we can to minimize our footprint on the earth has come to the forefront. This concept can apply to any business, even the labor law poster industry.

Meet Your Labor Law Posting Requirements While Helping to Preserve the Environment

One significant and simple step that each of us can do –  when obtaining the mandatory state and federal labor law posters – is to focus on buying labor law posters made with sustainable ingredients that won’t contribute to our growing landfills.

With this goal in mind, an easy solution for your company would be to go green with Poster Compliance Center by purchasing our line of sustainable labor law posters!

Through the creation of its Go Greenline, Poster Compliance Center pioneered the industry’s first eco-friendly labor law posters in 2007. The features that distinguish these environmentally friendly labor law posters are remarkable. Let’s take a look:

  • The posters are made with recyclable paper.
  • They don’t have the synthetic lamination found on most labor law posters.
  • The shipping materials used to send the posters are also recyclable.

With the increasing number of updates being put out by each state, it would be a real relief to know that you can stay compliant and be a champion of sustainability.

Did We Mention You’re Helping Us Plant Trees?

It’s true. Poster Compliance Center will work with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program to plant a tree for every Go Green 1-Year Compliance Plan order. Where else can you actually plant a tree by ordering labor law posters?

Thanks to the many companies that have purchased the go green labor law posters on our 1-Year Compliance Plan, we have already planted thousands of trees.

Sometimes it is easy being green.

Worry-Free Labor Law Poster Compliance

These environmentally friendly labor law posters offer the same quality you have come to expect from Poster Compliance Center without any additional cost. The compact labor law posters are 18″x 24″, and can be posted in even some of the tightest of spaces.

The choice is simple—you can feel good about eliminating paper waste and doing your part to recycle, all while making a sound business decision regarding the mandatory labor law posters.

Please visit our site to learn more about Poster Compliance Center’s Go Green product line, and make a solid choice for your company and our planet.

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