IL: New Employment Laws, Wage, & Child Labors

Illinois Port of Chicago

New information added to employee rights notice.

The Illinois Department of Labor has issued a new mandatory Illinois labor law poster with added information about an employee’s right to unpaid wages and restrictions for workers under the age of 16.


What’s changed on the poster?

The new “Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws” poster includes Illinois minimum wage rates and information about the rights of employees in a number of categories. It replaces a previous “Notice to Employers & Employees” labor law poster.

Employee’s Right to Unpaid Wages

  • The new poster states that employees in Illinois must receive their final compensation, including earned wages, vacation pay, commissions, and bonuses, on their next regularly scheduled payday. It also states that unauthorized deductions from paychecks are not allowed except as specified by law.

Child Labor  

In the Child Labor section (for workers under age 16) of the new Illinois labor law poster:

  • The new restriction has been added to the poster stating that “children under the age of 14 may not work in most jobs, except under limited conditions.”
  • The maximum number of hours for those employees that are 14-15 years of age are limited to three hours on school days, eight hours on non-school days, and no more than six days or forty-eight hours per week.

Meal Periods

New information has also been added.

  • 30-minute meal period no later than the fifth hour of work for children under the age of 16.
  • Permissible work hours for children under 16 have been extended to 9 p.m. from June through September. Previously the extended hours only applied through Labor Day.