IOWA—OSHA + Minimum Wage Poster


The Iowa Job Safety and Health poster has been rewritten with new information for both employers and employees, while the state’s Minimum Wage poster has been updated with specific dollar amounts for certain types of employment

The mandatory Job Safety and Health poster issued by Iowa Workforce Development now states that employees have the right to copies of their medical records or records of their exposure to toxic and harmful substances and conditions.

In addition, the revised  Iowa labor law poster states that employers must post any OSHA citations for at least three working days and must certify that hazards specified on an OSHA citation have been reduced or eliminated.

A new phone number for reporting workplace fatalities and catastrophes has been added to the poster.

The updated poster also states that employers may obtain free assistance from Iowa OSHA Consultation in identifying and correcting hazards or for complying with standards, without citation or penalty, by contacting the Iowa Division of Labor.

All specific information from the previous Safety and Health poster about penalties for violations, including dollar amounts, has been deleted. Contact information for both the Iowa Division of Labor Services and the U.S. Department of Labor has been changed on the revised poster.

The updated Minimum Wage poster now states that employers may pay an initial employment rate of $6.35 per hour for the first 90 calendar days of employment. The previous poster said only “less than the minimum wage” for this period and did not give a dollar amount.

The state labor law poster has also been revised to state that the employer’s share for tipped employees must be at least $4.35 per hour instead of the percentage rate (40 percent of the applicable minimum wage) that was on the previous poster.