Kansas Updates Unemployment Labor Law Poster

The latest required change  to the Kansas labor law poster is an update of the Unemployment poster.   This change happened while our Kansas all-in-one poster was already in production since a new state No Smoking  poster was issued in May.   However, we were able to stop the press and make this second change to our new poster (dated 5-10).

The hours for Claim Specialists have been expanded to 7:30 am to 5:30 pm on the new Unemployment poster.   Previously the hours for Claim Specialists were limited to 8 am to 4 pm.

The website address was also updated.

The No Smoking poster is required as of July 1 as a result of the new Kansas Indoor Clean Air Act .   The Act bans smoking in public places, including all workplaces, restaurants and bars and within 10 feet of business entrances and air intakes.  

To order a new Kansas labor law poster including the updated Unemployment poster and the new No Smoking poster or to learn more about a 1-Year Compliance Protection Plan, go to the Poster Compliance Center Kansas labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.