The Kansas Unemployment poster, Indiana Equal Opportunity poster and Missouri Youth Employment poster have been updated, but the previous versions of these required state labor law posters are still valid. 

  • Kansas:  No update required for Unemployment Insurance poster.  Minor change to website address.  New revision date of 11/11. 
  • Indiana:  No update required for Equal Opportunity poster.  Some information reworded; new logo for Indiana Civil Rights Commission.  Revision date removed. 
  • Missouri:  No update required for Youth Employment poster.  New logo for Division of Labor Standards.  New revision date of 8/11. 

For more information about these state labor law posters or to learn more about our Poster Compliance Center OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan with automatic updates, go to our Kansas labor law poster page, Indiana labor law poster page or Missouri labor law poster page or call us at 1-800-322-3636.