Labor Law Poster Changes in NJ, OH & CO but Previous Versions Still OK

Several new state labor law posters have been issued in New Jersey, Ohio and Colorado, but in each case the previous versions of the required posters are still valid.  

New Jersey:   No update required for Discrimination in Employment, Discrimination in Public Accommodations, Discrimination in Housing, and NJ Family Leave Act according to the NJ Division on Civil Rights.   Poster changes are minor changes in contact information and a new revision date of 1/11.    

Ohio:   No update required for Minimum Wage or Minor Labor Law.   Poster changes are new Governor, new Director and a new revision date of 1/14/11.  

Colorado:   No update required for Anti-Discrimination.   Poster changes are new Governor, 2 Directors and new revision date of 1/11.  

For further information about these state labor law posters, go to the Poster Compliance Center New Jersey labor law poster page, Ohio labor law poster page, or Colorado labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.