Labor Poster Questions – Where To Ask For Help

Let’s face it – compliance can be bleak. It’s a full-time job to figure out which compliance posters you really need…


State and federal labor poster requirements are a tough nut to crack on their own. Labor posters vary depending on how many employees you have, the states you’re located in, or if you are required to post industry-specific labor posters. Now, include the various city labor poster requirements that are popping up like daisies and you might be ready to throw in the towel!


Never Fear  – Poster Compliance Center is Here

Did you know that our research department can help you get the answers you need to general labor law posting  questions? We do the research and  monitor labor laws to answer  thousands of questions for employers nationwide. Here are some examples of questions from the past week:

Is the drug-free workplace statement a mandatory compliance poster  for federal contractors?

Is there a new labor poster requirement regarding Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act for New Jersey?

Which 2015 California labor laws apply to me?

All you have to do is contact us – join us via live chat, call 800-322-3636, shoot us an email or leave us your question in the comments below. We will research your compliance poster question and get back to you!

Try it. Rely on the experts in the industry since 1991 – and let us take the labor out of your labor law posters.

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2 thoughts on “Labor Poster Questions – Where To Ask For Help

  1. Sarah says:

    Good morning y’all,

    I have a poster compliance question and I was hoping y’all would be able to help me out.

    The headquarters for my company is in Austin Texas. My company recently had 2 of our employees who work out of a remote office in DC, move into a co-working office space. Within the co-working space, they rent a small 3 desk office with extremely limited wall space.

    What are the posting requirements for an office like this? Would electronic postings delivered via an electronic poster service satisfy posting requirements for these employees? 100% of employees at car2go have their own work desktop or laptop computer

    Thanks for the assistance.

    Sarah Kinney
    HR Coordinator
    car2go N.A. LLC

    • Ashley Nand says:

      Hi Sarah!

      Great question. We have developed the Mobile Compliance Guide and the Virtual Compliance Guide to assist with situations such as yours. The Mobile Compliance Guide offers a compact, bound set of posting requirements that you can easily store in a confined space. The Virtual Compliance Guide allows your employees to securely access labor law notices a mobile device for a full year.