Learning to Recognize a Mandatory Labor Law Change

It may make sense that every time a  labor law poster  is updated, it would be mandatory to hang the most recent notice—but that is not always the case. Although there are many times when a change to an employment poster  means that the old notice is not valid, there are often exceptions to the rule. With laws passing and changing so rapidly, it becomes very confusing to recognize if changes to  labor law posters  are mandatory or not. How can you tell which changes are required, and which do not necessitate an updated set of compliance posters?

When Do You Need to Update Your Posters?

A change to a law that would necessitate an update to a  compliance poster  is one that changes or updates a labor law policy that directly affects the employees and employers of a company. Examples of changes that are often mandatory involve such things as minimum wage increases, changes to workers’ compensation rules, discrimination policies, etc. These changes are essential for an employee to know so that they can be totally up-to-date on the most current workplace laws and policies.

Examples of changes that may not necessitate a mandatory update are for smaller modifications, like a change in address or phone number, or rearranging the format of a notice. These alterations do not affect the current understanding of the law, and thus it is not necessary to update the  labor law poster.

What If the Change Seems Important?

Sometimes, the line between what is a mandatory change and what is not is far from clear. For these situations,  Poster Compliance Center  takes the time to contact government agencies to verify whether the changes made to labor law posters require an update. We want to make sure that only the necessary updates make it to our posters in order to save the customer time, money, and confusion. If a changed notice does not require a mandatory update, then that specific notice will be updated the next time that compliance poster does have a required change.

With  Poster Compliance Center, you can trust that you will always have the most accurate information on all of your  labor law posters.  Instead of worrying whether you have the essential and important information on your walls, leave the job of tracking updated notices to Poster Compliance Center. We take the guesswork out of  labor law compliance, leaving you with what is necessary—and nothing else.