Looking Out for the Rhode Island Minimum Wage Update

Another state with a predetermined 2016 minimum wage increase is Rhode Island, and we are frequently checking for the new poster that will reflect the increase to $9.60 on January 1, 2016.

A Quick Refresh

As we discussed in our recent blog on the Rhode Island minimum wage increase, Rhode Island”™s minimum wage has increased each year in the last three years. This year, the rate increases from $9.00 to $9.60. The effective date for the change is January 1, 2016, and we are watching carefully for the update to the poster.

Keep Ahead of Compliance

As I have mentioned previously, this is the season for many labor law poster changes, but these changes can happen year-round and with little announcement. The effort that goes into tracking changes and checking for poster updates, like for the Rhode Island minimum wage, is a lot of work. Save yourself the trouble of all of that effort by signing up for Poster Compliance Center”™s OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan. You will be covered with a year of free automatic updates and can focus on other areas that need your attention.

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