Louisiana—Updates 3 Labor Laws


New eligibility requirements for earned income credit. New information regarding age discrimination, and unemployment insurance.  

A revised mandatory labor law poster issued by the Louisiana Department of Labor includes new eligibility requirements for employees who wish to sign up for the federal Earned Income Credit (EIC) program.

In addition, the state has updated its mandatory labor law posters that include information about age discrimination, genetic discrimination, and unemployment insurance.

The EIC poster has been updated for 2009 with a new income limit (($40,000 or less) for those who are married or single and with or without qualifying children. Earned Income Credits are reductions in federal income tax liability for which employees may be eligible if they meet certain requirements.

Information on the Louisiana labor law poster has also been updated regarding who is eligible to receive Advance Earned Income Credit payments.

The Genetic Discrimination poster has been updated with expanded definitions of “genetic monitoring”, “genetic services”, “genetic test” and “protected genetic information”.

The revised Age Discrimination poster includes a new statement that prohibitions are limited to individuals who are at least 40 years of age.

The Louisiana Unemployment Insurance poster has been revised to include two new reasons for being disqualified from drawing unemployment benefits. Benefits will not be paid if an employee has been discharged for using illegal drugs or receiving wages in lieu of notice.