Maine’s—Regulation of Employment

Portland Maine

The Regulation of Employment  labor law  poster for Maine has been updated to include a new provision that family medical leave may be taken for the serious illness or death of a sibling who lives with a worker.

The mandatory labor law poster issued by the Maine Department of Labor states that Maine Family Medical Leave may be taken for serious illness or death of a sibling who shares joint living and financial arrangements with a worker.

Maine employees who have worked for the last 12 months at a workplace with 15 or more employees are eligible for up to 10 paid or unpaid weeks of family leave in two years. There are now five reasons listed on the Regulation of Employment poster that allow employees to take family leave.

The revised Regulation of Employment poster also includes changes in contact information, including new telephone numbers for information about federal family leave and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. There is also a new street address for the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Standards.