MI, NY, GA & AL Labor Law Posters Change but Previous Versions OK

Two new Michigan safety posters, a new New York discrimination poster, a new Georgia equal pay poster and a new  Alabama unemployment poster have been issued, but the previous versions of these required state labor law posters are still valid.  

  • Michigan:   No update required for new MSDS Right to Know and New or Revised MSDS posters.   Name of department changed to Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), and new revision date of 5/11.  
  • New York:   No update required for Discrimination poster.   Website address changed.   No revision date.  
  • Georgia:   No update required for Equal Pay for Equal Work poster.   New Commissioner for Georgia Office of Equal Opportunity, and new revision date of 2/11.  
  • Alabama:   No update required for Unemployment Compensation poster.   Website address changed.   No revision date.  

For further information about these state labor law posters or Poster Compliance  Center’s  1-Year Compliance Plan with automatic updates, go to the Michigan labor law poster page, New York labor law poster page, Georgia labor law poster page or Alabama labor law poster page, or call PCC at 1-800-322-3636.