Michigan Smoking Ban Begins May 1 – No Change to State Labor Law Poster

Michigan is the 38th state to pass a ban on smoking in the workplace, but the new law will not cause a change to the Michigan labor law poster at this time.

However the new law, which goes into effect May 1, does require that “no smoking” signs be posted at workplace entrances and other areas where smoking is prohibited, such as outdoor areas like patios or rooftops.  It will be enforced by the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The law covers all Michigan public and private employers and bans smoking in any “enclosed indoor area” where at least one employee is working.  It also  includes an exemption for Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco stores, homes offices and vehicles.

The Michigan Legislature passed the ban in December, 2009, after more than 10 years of legislative debate.

We will continue to monitor the Michigan state labor law poster requirements from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth in case a “no smoking” poster is added in the future.

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