Michigan Updates Minimum Wage Poster; New MI Labor Law Poster Required

The latest required change to the Michigan labor law poster is on the Minimum Wage poster.

New information on the poster states that effective September 1, 2014, the new Workforce Opportunity Wage Act increases the minimum wage rates from $7.40 to $8.15 per hour. For tipped employees, the rate changes from $2.65 to $3.15 per hour, or 38% of the regular minimum wage rate.

In addition, new information explains that minors 16 and 17 years of age must continue to be paid the federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour because this wage  is higher than the state 85% rate of $6.93 that is effective September 1st. Also, employers must document tips through a signed and dated tip statement, and a new toll-free number has been added to the poster.

We are publishing an updated MI state poster with this latest change. For more information about the Michigan  labor law poster, or to learn more about our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan  with free automatic updates, go to the Poster Compliance Center Michigan labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.