Midyear FAQs

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through 2019. We get a lot of questions at this time of year, so here we’ve answered the most common ones.

Q: I purchased new posters in January, do I really need to update now?

It is a common misconception that employers need to purchase new posters for each calendar year. Though many states pass new labor laws and have minimum wage increases around January 1, labor laws can and do change throughout the year, and employers are required to post the most current notices. Poster Compliance Center guarantees that our posters are always accurate and up-to-date. Sign up for our email notifications to keep your company informed and in compliance.


Q: Can’t I just download the labor law posters?

Downloading, printing, and posting paper notices is an acceptable method to fulfill your labor law posting requirements. However, maintaining a wall of 6 to 15—or more—individual papernotices from many different state and federal agencies is time-consuming and tedious, to say nothing of regularly having to check for changes to the laws. How do you make sure that those notices are both on your wall and current all year long? Purchasing our labor law posters ensures that you aren’t missing a thing If you subscribe to our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan, you can rest assured that your posters are always current.


Q: Why can’t I just purchase posters at the beginning of every year for the whole year?

Labor laws can change at any time of the year, not just on January 1, requiring employers to post the newest notices. Our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan solves this problem by automatically sending poster updates as they occur—at no additional charge.


Q: Which labor law posters do I need?

Federal: The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) requires employers to post six labor law posters (such as the federal minimum wage poster), which are all included on our Federal Labor Law Poster.

State: Labor law poster requirements vary. Select your state to learn more.

Local: Some cities and counties have labor law posting requirements. Please review our City and County Labor Law Posters page to find out if you are subject to local posting requirements.

Other: If you interview job applicants in an area other than where you post labor law compliance posters, you are required to display three federal labor law posters in the interview area. Our Federal Labor Law Poster – Applicant Edition meets this requirement.


Q:  Do your posters include everything I need to be in labor law compliance?

Labor law posters from Poster Compliance Center include all required notices for most employers. However, there may be separate notices that employers are required to post based upon their industry.  We offer a growing list of these industry-specific posters, as well as other useful notices, on our Free Specialty Posters page. Additionally, many states require employers to post information about their workers’ compensation plan that may only be available from their workers’ compensation carrier. We include information that covers other posting requirements in every shipment.


Q: My company has an intranet for employees. If I display digital labor law posters on our intranet site, do I still have to display physical posters?

Many federal, state, and local labor laws require that physical posters be accessible to all employees and posted in a conspicuous location. At this time, digital access alone is not considered acceptable to meet labor law posting requirements.


Q: How will the OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan help me?

Labor laws can change at any time—and we keep up with those changes so you don’t have to. Our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan assures you are in labor law compliance every time there is a mandatory change. When you sign up, we send you a current federal and state poster for each plan. Throughout the year, we monitor state, federal, and local agencies for any changes in requirements, and when we spot a change, we automatically send you an updated poster at no extra charge. All you need to do is post it! The OneSystem plan also includes our Poster Violation Warranty, which guarantees that if your labor law posters are found out of compliance, we will cover up to $41,000 worth of fines you may incur.