Revised labor law posters that include a new Oregon minimum wage, changes in the way family leave is granted and a new time period for employees to file a complaint with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have been issued in Oregon.

The Oregon labor law poster includes a minimum wage increase in the lowest wage that can be paid in the state from $7.80 per hour to $7.95 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2008. The Oregon minimum wage is adjusted for inflation every January 1.

The Oregon Family Leave Act poster has been revised to include “grandparent” and “grandchild” on a list of family members that employees may care for under “serious health care leave”.

In addition, the Oregon labor law poster has added a disclaimer stating that an employee unable to work due to a compensable Workers Compensation injury is no longer eligible for serious health care leave.

Although family leave is unpaid, employees are entitled to use any accrued sick or other paid leave under the program, in addition to any accrued paid vacation leave listed on the previous notice.

The Oregon OSHA poster has changed the time period to 30 days for filing a complaint with federal OSHA of discrimination by an employer for making safety and health complaints. The previous OSHA poster stated that employees could file such a complaint with either the Oregon Bureau of Labor or federal OSHA within 90 days.