Minnesota 2021 Minimum Wage


Minnesota’s minimum-wage increases to $10.08 an hour for large employers (gross revenue is $500,000+) and $8.21 an hour for small employers, 90-day training wage, and youth.  

Under Minnesota law, the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry is required to determine and announce the inflation-adjusted minimum-wage rate each year by Aug. 31. This past year, the change in the price index used for this purpose was an increase of .08%.



Additional Wage information

Tip credit

  • No employer may take a tip credit against minimum wages in Minnesota.
  • An employee must be paid at least the minimum wage per hour,  plus any tips the employee might earn.

Exempt employees

This list includes:

  • Executives, administrative or professional workers
  • Babysitters
  • Volunteers of nonprofit organizations
  • Employees subject to the provisions of the U.S. Department of Transportation  (drivers, drivers’ helpers, mechanics, and loaders).
  • Minnesota’s Statute 177.28 allows the DOL to issue permits to disabled workers (performance-limited employees) who are unable to earn the state minimum wage to work at a wage commensurate with his or her ability.

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