Mississippi Offers Unemployment Assistance in Workplace Poster

With unemployment being one of the major concerns in these tough economic times, Mississippi has made it easier for those who find themselves out of work to apply for unemployment insurance benefits and look for a new job.

 Anyone looking for work can now apply for unemployment benefits online at a site provided by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

 They will also be able to get help in finding a new job when they report to the nearest Department of Employment Security Workforce Investment Network (WIN) job center for work search assistance.

 Those new assistance tools are included as part of a revised Mississippi Unemployment Insurance for Employees poster. Mississippi employers are required to post two employment posters — Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation. This revision affects the state labor law poster.

 The WIN job centers in Mississippi provide a wide range of services for both job seekers and businesses, including internet access and recruitment. The centers allow those seeking work to post their resumes on line, search for available jobs and receive job hunting tips.

 If you need to update  the employment poster  Unemployment Insurance for Employees Poster, you may contact Poster Compliance Center for a Mississippi labor law poster. The poster meets all of the posting requirements for general employers.