Missouri’s Minimum Wage Notice Just Released

Effective January 1, 2018, employers in the “Show-Me-State” must pay employees subject to the minimum wage an increased rate, which has just been released by the state’s Division of Labor Standards (DLS).

Details of Missouri’s Minimum Wage Law

Yearly Minimum Wage Adjustment

Missouri’s minimum wage is measured by the Consumer Price Index, which means that it may increase or decrease, based on fluctuations in the cost of living, every January 1. However, Missouri’s minimum wage rate may not be lower than the federal rate, which is currently $7.25.

On January 1, 2018, the state’s minimum wage will increase to $7.85 per hour.

Tipped Wage

Missouri employers must pay tipped employees at least 50 percent of the minimum wage, but if tipped employees’ wages plus tips do not equal the full minimum wage, employers must make up the difference.

In 2018, Missouri’s tipped wage must be at least $3.925 per hour.

Employee Rights

Any employee who is not paid the correct wages may file a minimum wage complaint online with the Division of Labor Standards or via email, using the new email address provided. The street address for the Jefferson City DLS has been updated for those who want to file in person or by mail. In addition, the DLS can be reached via phone or fax.

Those who want to learn more about the state’s minimum wage law are encouraged to go to the DLS website.

Compliance Made Easy

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