Montgomery County Maryland Makes Changes to the Minimum Wage Poster

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) recently released a required update to the minimum wage poster for Montgomery County. This updated labor law poster has a new revision date of 7/15.

Changes to the Law

Although the newer notice looks the same at first glance, the section concerning what to pay tipped workers has changed. Previously, the poster stated that employers “must pay at least 50% of the state minimum wage rate per hour.” Now, the poster provides a specific amount that must be paid. It reads: “Employers must pay at least $4.00 per hour.” It is essential to note that this new amount of $4.00, plus tips, must still equal at least the Montgomery County minimum wage, which is currently $9.55.

Prince George’s County Maryland Poster Still Valid

Since the Montgomery County minimum wage is so similar to the Prince George’s County law, we wrote to the Maryland DLLR office asking if there will be an update to the Prince George’s County poster as well. They responded that there is no current plan to update the Prince George’s County poster because the laws have  separate tipped wage amounts.

Maintaining Compliance

If you have any locations in Montgomery County Maryland, it is time to update your labor law posters. Poster Compliance Center  is publishing this new Montgomery County, MD county labor law poster. For additional information about this county poster, or any others, or to learn more about our City/County 1-Year Plan with free automatic updates,  please call us at 1-800-322-3636.