New Required San Jose Minimum Wage Poster Available

Although the San Jose minimum wage will stay at $10.30 for 2016, an updated minimum wage poster is still required.

Why the Updated Poster is Mandatory

We contacted the city of San Jose and they said that even though the minimum wage remains unchanged for 2016, the updated poster must still be hung where employees can easily read it. Dates for the poster have changed from 2015 to 2016, and this mandatory update will be available to our customers before the January 1, 2016 effective date.

Still Looking Out for a Regional Wage Increase

As we have mentioned before, there is still a real possibility for a regional minimum wage to take effect in the South Bay. Cities like San Jose, Santa Clara, and Palo Alto  are actively working together to create a shared minimum wage. As a result of this work, it would be very smart to enroll on our City 1-Year Plan for San Jose so that you will be prepared for any potential increases or changes to the poster within the next calendar year. We”™ll keep tracking any changes, and you can sit back and relax!