New Requirements on Iowa’s Job Safety and Health Notice

Health and Safety Iowa

Health and Safety Iowa

Employers in Iowa are required to post the updated version of the state’s Job Safety and Health notice, which describes new requirements under the OSH Act.

What’s New for Job Safety and Health?

The notice now states that employees may file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of an act of retaliation or discrimination by an employer for making safety and health complaints or exercising their rights under the OSH Act. Additionally, employees have the right to receive copies of their medical records or records of their exposure to toxic and harmful substances or conditions.

A further requirement for employees is that they must comply with all occupational safety and health standards issued under the OSH Act that apply to their own actions and conduct while on the job.

The notice also states that employers must comply with the occupational safety and health standards issued under the OSH Act.

Last but not least, individuals may file a complaint about the Iowa Division of Labor’s operations or administration of the OSH Act by mailing it to the address on the notice for the OSHA Regional Office in Kansas City, Missouri, or by calling the phone number provided: (816) 283-8745.

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