New York Updates its Anti-Discrimination Poster

Statue of Liberty New York

Statue of Liberty New York

The revised New York Anti-Discrimination poster is a mandatory poster for employers to post in a conspicuous location in their place of business. The new revision includes language stating, “reasonable accommodations may be required in places of public accommodation, resort or amusement for persons with disabilities”.

This newly added language is based on a law that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2008. The reasonable accommodation rule for persons with disabilities had previously been established only for the rental, lease or sale of housing, land, and commercial space. The revised notice also includes a change in the list of areas in which discrimination is prohibited. Employment agencies have been added to the list while occupational, and executive training has been deleted.


What has changed on the poster?

  • The term “modifications” has been added to “reasonable accommodations” that may be required for persons with disabilities (at the end of the Housing section of the poster).
  • An additional type of discrimination has been changed from “genetic predisposition or carrier status” to “predisposing genetic characteristics”.
  • All of the changes on the Anti-discrimination Poster have also been made in the Spanish language section, as well as changes in wording for that section.

You can obtain the revised New York labor law poster at Poster Compliance Center,