Newark Updates Paid Sick Time Notice

Previously, Newark’s required city posting was a set of frequently asked questions with short answers. Now, Newark has updated the poster and has explained elements of the law in much greater detail.

From Short FAQ to Very Long Poster

The first thing one will notice when looking at the updated Newark poster is that it is very long. While a lot of content has been added to the poster, most of the information is long-form descriptions where the previous poster would simply have had the corresponding ordinance number so that employees could look up the law. The city has stated that the FAQ may now only be used for educational purposes, and will not fulfill the posting requirement.

The new poster expands on acceptable reasons to take sick leave, the definition of a “family member,” and describes examples of unacceptable forms of employer retaliation. There is also new contact information that employees may use to ask questions or to report an employer for violating the law.

The Difficulty of Tracking Posters

Here at Poster Compliance Center, we are continuously looking for updates to required labor law posters so that our customers are up-to-date. As we have mentioned previously, most poster updates do not receive any fanfare, and thus it would be very difficult to constantly be searching government sites and do anything else throughout the week. Rely on us to do the searching, and you can count that you will be in compliance.