No 2016 Minimum Wage Increase in Arizona Keeps 2015 Poster Compliant

Following the trend of states like Oregon and cities like Mountain View, Arizona will not be increasing the annual minimum wage for 2016. Come January 1, the minimum wage will remain at $8.05.

2015 Poster Remains in Compliance

Arizona is one of several states that has an annual CPI calculation to determine if there will be a wage increase, and this year the trend has been that wages are staying the same for 2016. Arizona recently confirmed that the state wage will remain at $8.05, and that raised the question of what Arizona customers need to do to stay in compliance.

Although the Industrial Commission of Arizona says that they will update the minimum wage labor law poster with a new date, this poster will not be required so long as the 2015 poster is still hung in a conspicuous location. Simply leave up your current 2015 Arizona minimum wage poster and you will remain in compliance!

Keeping Watch for Further Wage Information

We will continue to monitor to see which states will have increases, and which potential updates are mandatory to post. Poster Compliance Center saves you time and money by verifying which labor law posters are required, and which are not. You can trust that we will continue to be your most reliable resource!