Non-Required Changes for Maryland, Michigan, and Nevada

Our research department stays on top of all changes to your labor law  compliance, but as we discussed recently in our blog, some changes to state and federal labor law posters do not require updating your current  posters.

When is an Update Not Necessary?

As a refresher, a small change to an employment poster, such as a change in address, is not a significant enough change to require the updated notice to be posted. Poster Compliance Center frequently checks with governmental agencies to verify if a change is required. If  a change is not required, our current  posters remain in compliance and there is no need to produce the poster until a mandatory change occurs. This means that you can rest assured that you are only paying for what is necessary, and never for something that is not needed.

Recent Non-Mandatory Changes

Maryland Work Permit for Minors

The Maryland Work Permit for Minors compliance poster was recently changed by the state, but the updated information is not significant enough to require an update to your posters. On the poster, dated 1/15, the section number for the law was added, and there is new contact information.

Michigan Employment Security

Michigan’s Employment Security poster with the date of 5/15 has had two minor changes. The name of  the online service is now “Michigan Web Account Manager,” and the poster logos have been updated.

Nevada OSHA (Safety & Health)

According to Nevada’s OSHA agency, the Nevada OSHA workplace poster does not need to be updated. Minor changes were made to the contact information, and the poster has a new revision date of 5/15.

You are in Good Hands

Have no fear that when a city, county, state or the federal agency  makes a mandatory change to a labor law poster, we will be on top of it. You will not be left to interpret complicated requirements, and can rest assured that Poster Compliance Center has you covered. To order posters or learn about our wide-range of compliance products, please call us at (800) 322-3636.