2008: Ohio Revises its Equal Employment Poster


Equal Employment poster

now includes “military status” as a protected class


Ohio Civil Rights Commission revises its Equal Employment Poster to include “military status” in a list of protected classes as a result of the new law that went into effect on March 24, 2008.

What has changed:  

  • Additional language for this poster has also been revised, including the title of the poster, which has been changed from “Fair Employment” to “Equal Employment Opportunity”.
  • New “Harassment” and “Retaliation” sections had been added to the poster
  • New “Enforcement” section, to now included a time limit for filing complaints (within six months).
  • The protected class of “sex” has been changed to “sex and pregnancy” on the poster, while the protected class of “age” now includes the criteria “40 years of age or older”.
  • Expansions made to the Employment Discrimination section of the poster now includes new information about prohibited forms of employment discrimination.
  • A map showing the location of Ohio Civil Rights Commission regional offices, and a list of their addresses, and phone numbers have been eliminated from the revised labor law poster.

Lastly, Educational Institutions are now included as being subject to the Ohio Civil Rights Act. The previous Ohio labor law poster referred to the Ohio Fair Employment Practices Law.