Oregon Releases New 2016 Minimum Wage Poster, But an Update is Not Required

While it was widely publicized that Oregon’s minimum wage would stay stagnant at $9.25 for another year, it was not as clear that you do not have to post the most recent 2016 revision of the minimum wage poster.

2016 Poster Update Not Required

As soon as we learned that there would not be a 2016 wage increase in Oregon, we contacted the state to see if they would be producing a mandatory change to the poster. The agency responded that there would be an update to the minimum wage poster for 2016, but that it was not a required update.

The representative also shared that there will be some mandatory changes to other Oregon state posters in 2016. We will be looking out carefully for those changes, and will update all Oregon state posters when these required changes become available.

Stay On Top of All Mandatory Changes

Seeing as we know that there are changes on the horizon for Oregon other than the non-required minimum wage poster, now is the time to enroll in the OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan so that you’ll never have to worry about how many changes occur during the year. No matter the number of changes, you are covered!