Q & A for New Mandatory Federal NLRA Poster

Here are the answers to some of  your questions about the new required NLRA poster (National Labor Relations Act), “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act”, which must be posted beginning Nov. 14 by most private-sector employers.

Q:   Has the new poster been released by the National Labor Relations Board?

A:   Yes.   It was released Sept. 14.

Q:   Will the new NLRA poster be added to the Poster Compliance Center federal labor law poster?

A:   Yes.   It is currently in production and will be automatically sent to all customers on our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan.

Q:  Do federal contractors or sub-contractors need to post the new NLRA poster?

A:   No.   They are already required to post a similar NLRA poster that was issued by the U.S. Department of Labor in June 2010.  

Q:   Are we required to post the new NLRA poster even though our company is non-union?

A:   Yes, because NLRA rights apply to both union and non-union workplaces.

Q:   Will the poster be required in languages other than English?

A:     Yes.   The notice must be posted in English and in another language “if at least 20% of employees are not proficient in English”, according to the NLRB.   We will publish the NLRA poster in Spanish when the NLRB issues the official translation.

Watch for our next blog later this week for more answers to questions about the new NLRA poster.   For further information about our federal labor law poster or to learn more about our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan with automatic updates, go to the federal labor law poster page or call Poster Compliance Center at 1-800-322-3636.