Revisions to Arkansas Minimum Wage Notice

The Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing (DLL) has issued an update to the Minimum Wage notice, which has a revision date of 8/2019. While there are quite a few changes to the notice, employers should note that the minimum wage and tipped wage rates for 2019 have not changed.

Details of the Updates

Wage Recovery

For willful violations of the Minimum Wage Act, employees seeking to recover unpaid wages from an employer may also be awarded an additional amount, above the amount of their wages, to be paid as liquidated damages.

Additionally, information for employees on taking action against the State of Arkansas, or a political subdivision of the state, for unpaid wages has been removed from the notice.

Child Labor

In the Child Labor section of the Minimum Wage notice, certain exceptions to the law now apply to boys and girls who are between 16 and 18 years of age. Previously, these exceptions only applied to 16-year-olds.

Contact Information

The Wage Collection Act section of the Minimum Wage notice has also been updated. Employees who need help with recovering wages are encouraged to contact the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing at the new phone number provided: (501) 682-4599.

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