Save Money on your Compliance Posters

September is officially here.

Everything is just beginning to pick up. The busy season is on its way.

Busy season?

Yes, if you’re responsible for labor law poster compliance, things are about to get a little crazy.

Most of those mandatory changes to the Minimum Wage Poster and Paid Sick Leave Poster are about to take place all at once.

Not to mention the usual spur-of-the-moment mandatory labor law changes that happen throughout the year.

If you’re in one of those states that has an annual minimum wage adjustment, now is the time to check that update off of your list.

You may think to yourself, I’ll deal with labor law posters at the end of the year.

But what if there’s a mandatory change before then?

Do you really want to worry about poster compliance during the holidays, when you’re already dealing with all the inevitable end-of-year business?

What if I told you that you could cross poster compliance off your list for the next 12 months for just $69.90?

That’s right, in honor of the new month we’re bringing you a brand new promotion.

If you order the 1-Year Compliance Plan with a valid credit card before September 30th, 2015 you will save an additional $15.00! That’s $69.90 (normally $84.90) for a whole entire year of labor law poster compliance. Just go on our website or give us a call at 800-322-3636 to take advantage of this special offer.

Poster Compliance Center’s 1-Year Compliance Plan will keep you up to date with all state and federal mandatory labor law notices for 12 months. The service includes:

  • A free set of federal and state labor posters
  • Free automatic updates for an entire year
  • Free shipping on all updates
  • Free tracking of shipments
  • $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty
  • Live customer service for any and all poster questions or compliance needs

Don’t wait until the last minute to update your compliance posters. There are a lot of mandatory changes on the horizon, not to mention many that have already taken place this year. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the most recent mandatory changes on our website.

Let us do for you what we do best: poster compliance.

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