Seattle Releases Updated 2016 Minimum Wage and Wage Theft Posters

Seattle recently released the updated mandatory minimum wage and wage theft posters for the January 1, 2016 effective date.

What is On the Posters?

While we knew some of the information that would be covered on the posters, there is  also new information added that is important to know. The minimum wage increases to $13.00 per hour January 1, 2016 for employers with 501 or more employees or to $12.50 per hour if the employer contributes towards a qualifying medical benefits plan. For employers with 500 or fewer employees, the minimum wage increases to $12.00 per hour without tips or benefits, or to $10.50 per hour with tips or if the employer makes payments towards a qualifying medical benefits plan. New information was added to the Minimum Wage poster clarifying that qualifying medical benefits must be at silver level or higher under the Affordable Care Act.

There is also updated information on the Wage Theft poster stating that information about the law, including employer contact information, rates of pay, gross wages, tip policies and payments, deductions, and pay date and pay basis must be given in writing to employees at the start of employment or during change of employment.

A Note About Wage Theft

In addition to the other changes, there was also a note added to the poster stating that the wage theft ordinance requirements may change in early 2016 due to pending legislation. What that means for you is that there could  be an additional mandatory change to the poster in 2016 beyond the annual minimum wage change. To make sure that you are covered for any potential changes during the year, enroll in the Seattle City 1-Year Plan and stay confident in your compliance!