Several Changes on the Updated 2016 Oregon Poster

The newest version of the Oregon poster features updates to the Family Leave Act poster and no smoking poster. In addition, the new sick time poster has been added as well.

Family Leave Act Poster Details

There are a lot of changes to the required poster, starting with an updated revision date of January 1, 2016. Next, the new category of “foster placement” was added to the protected leave that is provided for eligible workers to care for themselves or family members.

There are new exceptions to family leave eligibility related to certain workers’ compensation injuries and bereavement leave.  Employees are also entitled to group health insurance during family leave if they continue working.

No Smoking Information

The Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act expands as of January 1, 2016, and requires that businesses be aerosol and vapor free in addition to being smoke-free.

New Sick Time Poster Added

There is a new sick time law for the state that takes effect on January 1, 2016. The law applies to employers with 10 or more employees, or those with 6 or more employees if the business is located in Portland. Under the law, employers must give employees 40 hours of sick time each year. Covered employers must pay employees for sick time taken at the regular rate of pay, and all other employers must provide unpaid sick time.

This new notice must be posted, distributed, or included in an employee handbook. We have added the new labor law notice to our Oregon state poster to fulfill this requirement.

Keep Ahead of Changes

Oregon has been very busy this year with labor law poster updates, and more changes could follow at any time during the year. To avoid missing out on a mandatory poster update, you should enroll in the 1-Year Compliance Plan and you’ll enjoy 12 months of coverage!