South Dakota’s Unemployment Insurance Has a New Name


South Dakota’s Unemployment Insurance Division has undergone a name change and is now called the Reemployment Assistance Division, due to the passage of House Bill 1035 during the state’s 2019 legislative session.  

What’s New and What Stayed the Same?

As a result of this change, the former Unemployment notice on our poster is now titled Reemployment Assistance, and all references to “unemployment insurance” on the notice have been updated to “reemployment assistance” by the state agency.

Filing for Reemployment Assistance Benefits

Employees who need to file a claim for reemployment assistance benefits can do so online using the new link to the Reemployment Assistance page on the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation website.

Benefits claims may also be filed by calling the phone number on the notice, which has not changed.

The information on eligibility requirements related to benefits has not been updated. Employees who are unemployed or whose work hours have been reduced may be eligible for reemployment assistance benefits as long as they are able to work, available for full-time work, and meet certain other requirements. In addition, employees who quit their job without a good reason, are let go or suspended for unacceptable conduct, or refuse to accept suitable work may be denied benefits.

That’s All the News on South Dakota

Our customers in the Rushmore State will be happy to hear that there are no other updates to the required notices on our South Dakota poster. However, we’ll be sure to send out an alert if anything changes.

Compliance Made Easy!

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