Still Talking Tacoma: An Update on Another Potential City Notice

We just recently went over the fresh release of Tacoma’s required Paid Sick Leave poster, effective February 2016, but it looks more than likely that Tacoma will also pass one of two ballot initiatives that will create a city minimum wage.

A Tale of Two Ballot Initiatives

On November 3, Tacoma voters will have the choice between two different minimum wage ballot initiatives. The first, known as the City of Tacoma Citizen’s Initiative No. 1, would require employers of a certain size with employees in the city to pay a minimum wage of $15.00. The wage would be adjusted annually based on inflation, and would take effect immediately.

The second initiative, known as the City of Tacoma Initiative Measure No. 1B, has a more conservative increase to $10.35 beginning February 1, 2016. The wage would then increase to $11.15 effective January 2017, to $12.00 effective January 2018, and would increase based on the state CPI thereafter.

There will be a question asking if either of these initiatives should pass, so there is a slight possibility that neither of the laws will go into effect.

Tracking It All

The research team at Poster Compliance Center is working to track this potential change as well as many others to make sure that customers are always kept compliant. We will monitor the situation closely and keep you updated about any changes to required posting laws at the city, state, or federal level—you can count on it!