Summer Blog Series – How to Reuse Your Expired Labor Law Posters

Considering how frequently certain states have labor law poster updates, the question of what to do with your laminated poster after it has expired becomes an interesting one. Sure, you could just throw it away, but why not get a little creative and put the poster to a secondary use?

Repurposing Your Posters

The term “upcycle” means to repurpose an item rather than throwing  it away, and we here at Poster Compliance Center had a lot of fun considering ways to turn an old employment poster into a useful tool.

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Whiteboard– If you turn the compliance poster over, the back is a simple, white, laminated surface. This surface could easily be used as a dry erase board! Simply hang the poster on the wall so that the back is showing, and use dry erase markers to write your ideas. This could also work as a wonderful doodling space for children who want to get creative again and again.


Signs-Using a similar concept as above, the plain white back of the poster would also be very useful for creating signs. Simply write on the poster with a permanent marker, and your design will be permanent. Since the poster is already laminated, your sign will be durable and ready for any garage sale, carwash, or lemonade stand.

Art Mat-Given the large surface  area of most labor law posters (new laws pop up all the time), the laminated poster would make an excellent art surface for kids or adults. Simply put the poster on a table or counter, and there is an easy-to-clean surface for drawing, painting, or any other art project that you can conceive.

Personalized Placemats-Do you have a party or picnic on the horizon? How fun would it be to make personalized placemats! Using the white side of the poster, cut the poster to whatever size and shape is most appealing, and then use permanent markers to doodle your way to a beautiful design!


Splash Mat-If you or a coworker has a little kid at home, imagine how nice it would be to have a large mat to put below a high chair. If, or likely when, food is spilled, the laminated surface  is much easier to clean than traditional flooring.

Keeping It Green

While all of these ideas to repurpose laminated posters are fun, another way to be concerned about waste is to use Poster Compliance Center”™s environmentally friendly Go Green labor law poster products. Our Go Green line is comprised of non-laminated posters printed on recyclable paper.

With these ideas to either upcycle or Go Green, we can all make a difference with our labor law compliance choices, and have a little fun while doing it!


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