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The Spotlight is on California City Posters

California labor laws have always changed frequently. So far in 2015 there has already been a new Paid Sick Leave poster, and changes to the Workplace Discrimination poster and the Notice B poster. If your business is located in California you’re probably aware of the California state labor posters. You may even be too aware of them. But did you know that there are cities in California that are required

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New Minimum Wage Poster Required for Berkeley Employers

The city of Berkeley, CA has made a change to the mandatory minimum wage labor law poster. The newest change is the addition of a non-profit corporation minimum wage of $11.00 an hour that will go into effect on October 1, 2015. The standard city minimum wage is set to increase to $11.00 an hour on October 1, 2015, and then to $12.53 on October 1, 2016. Please visit the Poster

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