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Avoid Compliance Poster Scams this Holiday Season

Oh no! You’ve received a letter in the mail that looks like an official government mailer. It’s telling you about a mandatory change and insists that if you don’t update your compliance posters you’ll be fined thousands of dollars. The letter is vague and becomes more and more confusing as you read it. Your credit card information is requested and there is so much small print you aren’t entirely sure

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The Most Effortless Way to Maintain Poster Compliance

Changes to labor law posters happen so frequently that it could almost make your head spin. It seems like only yesterday you updated your compliance posters, and already you’re receiving an email about another mandatory change. You’re not alone. This is happening all over the country. States, cities and even the federal government have seen a dramatic increase in mandatory updates to compliance posters. We saw 27 states have mandatory

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